FTQA 066 - Fathers and Daughters: Six Things Dads With Daughters Should Know

September 14, 2015

Our friend, Brandon Cunningham of BeyondTheRut.com, returns to Family Time Q&A Podcast for a father-daughter discussion on the following: 

1. What has been the hardest part of watching your daughters grow up?
2. How young is too young for our daughters to begin dating?
3. What are three things dads with daughters should know?
See the full show notes at http://TheRealJerryDugan.com/066

FTQA 065 - Teen Sexting, Snapchat, and the Dangers of Social Media: A Father-Daughter Talk

September 7, 2015

Emma has returned after a nearly 3-month hiatus from the Family Time Q&A Podcast. After a short catch up, we dive right into the following:

  • Emma's question to Jerry - What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Jerry's question to Emma - How would you respond if you found out that someone you know from school sent or posted a sexting image(s)?
Sadly, I learned during my work experience with a rape crisis center that teen sexting happens a lot more often than we'd like to imagine. A lot of focus is placed on the girls sending these images, and little focus on the boys who ask for and pressure for those images, hold those images over the girl to pressure her into staying in a relationship or even having sex, and then there is the revenge after a break up when those images are sent on to friends and teammates. Cyberbullying comes into the picture as bystanders learn about the image, help spread the image, and go on to shame the person in the image. My hope in this discussion was in the least to raise awareness to the issue with Emma, and also talk about extending grace to those who make the mistake of sexting.


FTQA 064 - AshleyMadison, Surviving Infidelity After the Affair

August 24, 2015

With 29 million customers, the recent hack of the ashleymadison.com database has brought pain to married couples around the world. In this episode, Olivia and Jerry have a husband-wife discussion on the following:

  • The end-of-summer blues for Olivia
  • What did Jerry mumble behind Olivia's back before recording this episode
  • The impact of the AshleyMadison hack and infidelity on marriage
  • What three things can couples do if they choose to stay together after the affair

FTQA 063 -Why Do You Volunteer in Church (Father-Son Talk)

August 16, 2015

In this episode, Jerry and Jacob have a father-son talk about why it is important to volunteer at church and the following:

  • Summer coming to a close
  • Cross Country running
  • Jerry's taste in music at 13 years old, and what he thinks about music today
  • The Art of Marriage, September 11-12, 2015
Jacob's Question: What kind of music did you like when you were my age? What do you think of the mosic you hear today?
Jerry's Question: Why do you volunteer in church?


FTQA 062 Fly Me to the Moon

July 24, 2015

We're back! In this husband-wife episode, Olivia and I discuss all things Summer, feeling like a taxi service to our children, a new book giveaway sweepstakes, and a butt picture request? We also talk about who would play us if a movie were made about our lives.


FTQA 061 - SPOILER ALERT! Father-Daughter Talk About Pixar’s Inside Out, Bing Bong, and Emma’s Core Memories

June 22, 2015

SPOILER ALERT! Our family recently watched Pixar's Inside Out at the movies. It was a tear-jerker for three of the four Dugans. We'll get Jacob to cry at a movie one day...one day. Naturally, Emma and I talked about Bing Bong, get choked up, and straight up cried as we discussed growing up, core memories, and what we loved about Inside Out.


FTQA 060 - Dedicationally! What I Think About My Son’s Friends, Plus a Message to Loveless Marriage and Divorced Dads

June 15, 2015

In this episode, Jacob and I have a father-son discussion about what I think about his friends, how his life is different and similar to his friends, and somehow I find myself on a soapbox about what men should really do about their loveless marriage as well as provide advice for divorced dads.

More episodes at TheRealJerryDugan.com.

FTQA 059 - Dates on a Dime & Impromptu Family Time

June 7, 2015

In this husband-wife session, Jerry and Olivia discuss the following:

  • Dates on a Dime
  • Appreciating impromptu moments with our family
  • Liv's new Fitbit...and mine
  • Update on the Corpus Christi Weekend to Remember
  • How weird Jacob is
  • Special giveaway - Deadline is June 21, 2015 at 11:59pm CST

FTQA 058 - Marriage Conferences, Multiple Streams of Income, Summer, and Kids

May 17, 2015
Olivia and I have a husband and wife discussion on the following topics:
  • Liv's journal and when she said I shouldn't remove the intro script to the show
  • Marriage conferences
  • What do I know that people would be willing to pay money to learn? Multiple streams of income. e-Courses that are useful.
  • What are you looking forward to doing the most this Summer?
  • What are you most proud of your kids accomplisments this school year?
  • Special gift if you sign up now for Weekend to Remember in Corpus Christi, May 29-31. Use Group Name: "CorpusChristi" to save on the couple registration.

FTQA 057 - How to Confront a Bully Who is Also a Friend

May 3, 2015

Father-daughter talk on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the Corpus Christi Ballet, favorite doughnuts, and how Emma should confront a friend of hers who has been bullying lately. It's more of a discussion on how to end that friendship while power and control is the tactic of the other friend.