Family Time Q&A Podcast with The Real Jerry Dugan

FTQA 078 Seven Seconds Challenge Father Versus Daughter

January 14, 2016

Jerry and Emma square off in a father-daughter Seven Seconds Challenge for her YouTube Channel, BeautyXOXODance. Who will win? Listen and find out, or watch the video in the show notes of our previous episode,

The Seven Seconds Challenge is a game where two people challenge each other to feats that have to be accomplished within seven seconds. The person with the most points wins. Challenges need to be difficult, and at the same time not impossible. For example, do ten push ups in seven seconds is reasonable. Doing 50 push ups in seven seconds is not. Give it a try at your next family game night, or when you're just bored of channel surfing.
Music attribution: Oceans Apart by Scott Holmes. Licensed under Creative Commons license.

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