Family Time Q&A Podcast with The Real Jerry Dugan

FTQA 065 - Teen Sexting, Snapchat, and the Dangers of Social Media: A Father-Daughter Talk

September 7, 2015

Emma has returned after a nearly 3-month hiatus from the Family Time Q&A Podcast. After a short catch up, we dive right into the following:

  • Emma's question to Jerry - What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Jerry's question to Emma - How would you respond if you found out that someone you know from school sent or posted a sexting image(s)?
Sadly, I learned during my work experience with a rape crisis center that teen sexting happens a lot more often than we'd like to imagine. A lot of focus is placed on the girls sending these images, and little focus on the boys who ask for and pressure for those images, hold those images over the girl to pressure her into staying in a relationship or even having sex, and then there is the revenge after a break up when those images are sent on to friends and teammates. Cyberbullying comes into the picture as bystanders learn about the image, help spread the image, and go on to shame the person in the image. My hope in this discussion was in the least to raise awareness to the issue with Emma, and also talk about extending grace to those who make the mistake of sexting.