FTQA 076 - Favorite Family Christmas

December 21, 2015

This is our Christmas special where I take a moment to thank you for helping us make Family Time Q&A Podcast a success for the past two years. I'll also share what is happening for me in the world of podcasting for 2016, and then we get into the meat of the episode, our question to you our listeners. 

What is your favorite family Christmas memory, moment, or tradition?
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FTQA 075 - When the Christmas Season is Hard

December 14, 2015

Jerry, Olivia, and Emma come together to talk about the 2015 Corpus Christi Ballet production of The Nutcracker Ballet, times when Jerry was embarrassed by a child, and when the Christmas season is a hard time for you.

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FTQA 074 - Christmas Season is Here

December 6, 2015

Olivia and Jerry talk about Christmas excitement, the Nutcracker ballet, and what brings us peace of mind. We also want you to share your favorite #FamilyChristmas memory with us for an upcoming special episode. Call 361-434-0126 to leave us a voicemail with your favorite story. It could be from your childhood, adulthood, or a tradition your family carries on today.

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FTQA 073 - Our Race to Black Mountain, Dirty Dancing, and More

November 22, 2015

Emma and I have a father-daughter talk about our Thanksgiving vacation to Black Mountain, North Carolina, the filming location of Dirty Dancing, puppies, and our request from you.

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Send us your most memorable family Christmas story.

FTQA 072 - Do Us a Flavor: Taste Testing as a Family Event

October 26, 2015

Frito Lay ran a Do Us a Flavor campaign where unique flavor recipes were submitted, four were chosen and produced, and consumers had a chance to taste and vote for a limited time. 

Emma and Olivia decided to make a family event out of it and spent a couple weeks gathering the four finalist flavors from Do Us a Flavor. The flavors were the following:
  • Kettle-Cooked Greektown Gyro
  • Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries
  • Southern Biscuits and Gravy
  • New York Reuben
Listen to what we thought of each flavor, and how we voted. Heck, try something like this with your family. Pick some new flavors and take turns trying, describing and voting on your favorite. Our family relationships are strengthened through conversation and food is a great facilitator.

Show notes here at TheRealJerryDugan.com/072

FTQA 071 - Teen Voice Edition: Family Time Q and Slay

October 19, 2015

Jacob and I brought on Honorary Dugans, Maddie and Dannielle, to bring you a special Teen Voice Edition of Family Time Q&A Podcast. In fact, we'll even call this episode Family Time Q & Slay because that's what Maddie really wanted to call it.

We also brought back the mystery candid question format just for Maddie and Dannielle. 

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FTQA 070 - What is the role of a father in raising boys into non-violent men?

October 12, 2015
In a hypermasculine culture that links manhood and violence together, how can fathers raise boys into men with a healthy perspective of what manhood really is, relationships, and communicating emotions?

Honorary Dugan, Emiliano Diaz De Leon joins me for a discussion on what is the role of a father in raising boys into non-violent men? Emiliano is the Men's Engagement Specialist from Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. 

  • (3:00) Most memorable moment as a father so far
  • (5:50) Comparing 2-parent experience versus single parent experience in our childhoods
  • (7:15) Work as a Men's Engagement Specialist with TAASA
  • (12:40) What's our role as fathers in raising healthy non-violent boys into healthy non-violent men?
  • (31:50) Emiliano's revelation after one year of going Vegan
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FTQA 069 - Parenting Teens: Daddy Daughter Podcasts Worth Checking Out

October 5, 2015

Emma and I have a father-daughter discussion about two daddy-daughter podcasts worth checking out including the following:

  • (1:00) Nutcracker ballet auditions with the Corpus Christi Ballet
  • (3:38) Leadership is a lonely road
  • (7:11) Two sports, cross-country and ballet. One had to give
  • (10:30) BeyondTheRut.com, a new podcast
  • (13:50) Daddy Daughter Podcasts worth checking out
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FTQA 068 - A Medal, a Regret, and an Opportunity

September 28, 2015

Olivia and I have a husband and wife discussion on the following:

  • Jacob's first cross country medal
  • A new format for Family Time Q&A Podcast
  • Olivia's Silent Bob quality
  • My biggest regret and an opportunity to consider
Olivia's question to Jerry: What is one thing in your life that is your biggest regret?

Jerry's question to Olivia: What is the hardest part of seeing Emma grow up?

Full show notes at TheRealJerryDugan.com/068

FTQA 067 - Positive Peer Influence of a Student Athlete, and a Prayer for Mr. Lopez

September 21, 2015
A father and son discussion about the following: 

Question from Jacob: What would you like to see in the world in the next ten years?

Question from Jerry: How would you respond if you found out that someone you know posted or sent a sexting image?
  • Gadgets from Minority Report
  • Let's see a little more world peace and grace from the Christian community
  • Teen sexting and positive bystander behavior
  • The potential for positive peer influence that a male student athlete possesses
  • Life interrupted, receiving tragic news, and responding with prayer
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